Accurate and pain-free breast exams for women everywhere

Bexa is prioritizing the healthcare of the women most often overlooked and underserved.

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The underserved

What do all these women have in common?

Haitian immigrants in Miami

Women in Indonesia

African American women

Women in rural communities

Women who avoid traditional screening

Native American women in Alaska

Younger women who want an option

Women with dense breast tissue

The majority live without the benefit of early detection of breast cancer.

They’ve been left behind with no access, no choice or no option to protect themselves.

The individual

But within every community, the story is deeply personal

Bexa exists to save lives and protect women. Our mission is to provide an accurate breast examination that is available to women of every age and every color. Everywhere.

We believe that no woman should be left behind.

The Bexa process is designed for you

Painless. No radiation. No intimidation. Accurate. Immediate results. The qualities you told us would help you choose to gain peace of mind.

When you have a breast exam with Bexa, you can expect to be:

  • Examined by a woman
  • Treated with respect and compassion
  • Done in less than 30 minutes
  • Given your results at the end of your exam
How it works

Bexa Equity Alliance

Women of color have a much higher chance of suffering and dying from breast cancer. Not because their cancer is different, but because the system isn’t paying attention. Guidelines weren’t designed for black women and their risk is different. Expensive tests cater to women with security and insurance. Traditional health providers have abandoned many rural areas.

This is the sole focus of the BEA. We are bringing early detection that is effective in younger black women, that can be deployed in rural areas, and is provided by Bexa examiners of color for a fraction of the cost of other options. The BEA is paying attention.

Women of color are aggressively adopting Bexa. We are democratizing early detection of breast cancer because for too long we’ve seen women of color overlooked and mistreated, and that’s not acceptable.

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We’re working hard to continuously advance the sophistication of Bexa and to establish its role in the early detection of breast cancer.

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