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No woman left behind

Breast exams with Bexa are an inexpensive form of early detection that can be brought into every community. The process is highly adopted by all women, and can be delivered from safe, accessible sites in the community like churches, or from small, simple sites in rural communities. Bexa has the ability to overcome the challenges that today leave women without an option, or without an option they will choose. Our mission is to bring protection and peace of mind to those women who currently are left behind.

A breast exam for everyone

If concern and access have kept you from early detection, you’re not alone.  If traditional guidelines don’t include you, you haven’t had another option.

A breast exam with Bexa fills important gaps:

  • African American women should begin early detection at age 35
  • Women in their 20’s and 30’s should have an option to begin early detection – many women know a real tragedy of breast cancer in a young woman, wife, mother
  • Women who can’t afford to risk the unpredictable bills of hospitals should not have to give up self-protection out of  financial fear

… breast exams with Bexa are a solution for all these women.  A solution for every woman.

We’ll earn your trust. We need your voice.

Until now, there’s been nothing new to fight for, no option that can close this gap in care. Bexa can.

We have made a unique commitment as a company, to this mission: solve this inequity. That means changing a system that has become comfortable ignoring the tragedy of underserved women suffering needlessly.

We need employers to make Bexa available to every woman. ESG efforts to focus upon this opportunity. Payors to reimburse for breast exams with Bexa. Influencers can shed light on this opportunity, and donors can support the BEA’s 501c3 that is creating examination sites in underserved communities.

Together we must insist, demand, create the pressure to force focus onto what is now a solvable problem.

The Bexa opportunity in numbers


more African American women than white women die from their breast cancer


of women on Medicaid engage in current early detection options


of underserved women having a breast exam with Bexa will have the exam again, and refer friends and family


lower cost of offering breast exams with Bexa compared to other early detection options

A scalable, highly adopted solution

Reducing the disparity in early detection requires a solution that can be made easily accessible, and one that women will adopt

The Bexa Solution:

  • is safe for every woman, and during pregnancy
  • can be deployed in efficient community spaces
  • does not require a doctor
  • can be operated by allied healthcare staff

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Bexa

We’re working hard to continuously advance the sophistication of Bexa and to establish its role in the early detection of breast cancer.

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