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A dynamic collaboration of women, scientists, engineers, physicians and clinical researchers

A message from Dr Joe Peterson, our CEO

“In the U.S., based upon insurance claims data, fewer than 40% of women have an annual mammogram beginning from the age of forty, even though ‘every year beginning at age forty,’ remains the most effective regimen and is endorsed by leaders in every clinical specialty that deals with breast cancer.

“At Bexa, our team, advisors, and board of directors are squarely focused on the lack of both participation in and access to current early detection options, a quiet but very real tragedy.

“Globally 90% of women have no technology-assisted early detection option: that’s 1.3 billion women with little chance to beat the most common women’s cancer.”

Why Bexa?

We are democratizing early detection of breast cancer because for too long we’ve seen women suffer and die from what should be, for most women, a survivable disease.

Our company’s financial structure backs up our commitment – with a model designed to accept payment from markets that can afford reasonable exam fees, and fulfill our social mission in markets that can’t.

The Bexa team includes leading physicians in breast cancer imaging, surgery and medical care. Our subject matter experts bring deep experience from some of the leading breast cancer care organizations.

We are equipped, and committed to, restoring and repairing the trust that a tone-deaf system dismantled. You can expect us to show up with full transparency, investment in our mission, and consistent action.

‘Underserved,’ in breast cancer early detection includes the majority of women of every race, social, educational and economic group.  Women who choose to avoid current options. Women who can neither access nor afford expensive technology and procedures.

We choose to focus upon, and bring our highly adopted solution into populations who today are left behind.

Our corporate structure

Sure, Inc., (“Sure”) is a physician-led company that develops, owns all intellectual property related to, and manufactures the Bexa device, and operates from bases in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai (UAE), Amman (Jordan) and Colombia.

Sure provides training in the use of the Bexa device, owns and operates the SureView system, and operates continuous R&D activity.

Our history

Bexa is the result of years of innovation across multiple disciplines.


Dr. Jae Son develops his new capacitive tactile pressure sensor in the Harvard Robotics Lab and forms Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS)


Researchers from multiple organizations and PPS pioneer the field of pressure elastography


PPS and Dr. Son form Medical Tactile, Inc. and acquire Assurance Medical’s “BreastView”, the first concept of a pressure elastography device


BreastView receives FDA 510(k) clearance for creating elastographic images of abnormal breast tissues


Dr. Son and MTI replace the BreastView sensors with their proprietary shape-conforming, ultra sensitive array sensor, world-leading signal conditioning electronics and add the first algorithms converting capacitive sensor data into images


MTI releases this new device, “SureTouch” to the market


SureTouch internal technology has evolved through continuous upgrades and performed more than 200,000 examinations in the USA and worldwide, including China, Italy, South Africa, and Australia


MTI and Qualcomm collaborate to create SureTouch Mobile, a smaller, more portable device with sensor arrays connecting wirelessly to a tablet computer

MTI completes first working prototype of secure, cloud-based system for centralizing data collection and review


SureTouch wins the Patrick Soon Shiong Innovation Award


Sure, Inc. (“Sure,” Joe Peterson, MD, CEO) and investors acquire all SureTouch devices, technologies, rights, and intellectual property from MTI; David Ables of MTI becomes Sure’s CTO

SureTouch wins an ABBY award for innovation in healthcare delivery


Sure updates clinical protocols, training programs, and market strategy

Geoff Bricker joins Sure from SOC Telemed (NASDAQ: TLMD) to lead IT


SureView, the cloud-based operating ecosystem within which all devices operate and share data, is launched

Sure receives a new FDA 510K for the wireless version of SureTouch2019

SureTouch receives regulatory clearance in Saudi Arabia from FDA-equivalent, MDMA

SureTouch receives regulatory clearances in Ecuador & Jordan

TSM Technologies in Indonesia receives Qualcomm’s endorsement as contract manufacturer of SureTouch sensor units

University Cancer Center Clinical Validation Study returns landmark results


SureTouch receives regulatory clearance in Mexico from FDA-equivalent, COFEPRIS

Sunny Gupta, CEO of Tachyon Systems leads the creation of machine learning and AI capacity for elastographic data into an evolving analysis

SureLearn, an online learning system supporting both remote and in-person didactic and practical training, is launched

Radiologists & primary care physicians begin investing in Sure

Quantify Health and Quantify Care become key commercialization partners in the US


Robin Roberts of Novartis and COO of the Novartis Biome, joins the Sure Board of Directors

SURE begins a large-scale definitive clinical validation study with a leading US academic imaging department slated for completion in July of 2021

Intelense adapts their industry-leading automated video analysis and anomaly detection engine into new analysis and visualization algorithms for elastography data

The SureView AI system expands to include the ability to “dream”

The transformed SureTouch is re-released as Bexa

Our team

At Bexa, our mission is ‘no woman left behind’

Our team is a dynamic collaboration of women, scientists, engineers, physicians, and clinical researchers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Bexa

We’re working hard to continuously advance the sophistication of Bexa and to establish its role in the early detection of breast cancer.

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