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Bexa is the fastest growing multi-modality early detection program for breast cancer.

Bexa is both a technology and a service program – the ‘Bexa Solution’. Our solution addresses the simple truth that most women in every population will never engage with or adopt current annual early detection technologies, either by choice or because they are simply not accessible – the sad reality for the vast majority of women globally.

More than 90% of women in more than 15 countries – including the U.S. – answer yes to two critical questions after experiencing breast exams with the Bexa Solution: One – will you engage with Bexa again in a year? And Two, will you recommend Bexa to family and friends? Early detection only works if women have annual exams. Twenty plus years of fear-based commercial marketing and intimidating exam sites, having failed to make a significant impact on access or adoption, tell us and demonstrate that women deserve a new option and an experience they are willing to recommend to other women. Once introduced to a community, Bexa engagement has consistently seen viral growth, often within hours of its introduction.

Most importantly, unnecessary morbidity and mortality are reduced when access and adoption to early detection are increased. The Bexa Solution’s low-cost, low rate of referrals for unnecessary studies, and absent need for expensive facilities makes it an answer for every population, every healthcare system and every organization responsible for the cost of cancer care.

No woman left behind.

That’s the mission of the Bexa Equity Alliance. It is unacceptable that antiquated guidelines, failure to act upon exaggerated genetic risk, racial bias or commercial fixation on unaffordable technologies, exposes marginalized women to an unchecked risk of the most common women’s cancer. The Equity Alliance is providing an affordable and effective Bexa Solution to the most at-risk mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, and friends who are essential to their families and communities.

If you’re in a position to help effect a change in this most change-resistant space, now is the time. Read what you can here and then talk to us [contact us link here]. Introductory calls are best so that we can present relevant clinical and commercial experience and information. Our clinicians are mainstream subject matter experts and clinical leaders, and our operational teams build bespoke early detection programs that optimize access, adoption, efficiency and impact.

Welcome to Bexa.