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A breast exam with Bexa is a highly accurate means of identifying abnormal breast masses, the most common presentation of invasive breast cancer

Bexa is a Class II FDA cleared (K181672) Class II medical device that is currently indicated for the documentation abnormal breast tissues and masses discovered on a breast examination.

A breast examination with Bexa is a highly sensitive (90%) means of mapping breast masses as small as 5mm. Because Bexa’s form of pressure-based elastography is unaffected by density, Bexa produces a low number of false positive results, and is accurate in younger women who fall outside USPSTF guidelines for mammography.

Multiple U.S. clinical studies either completed or nearing completion define the power of a breast exam with Bexa to discover abnormal masses, and to drive social change and economic impact that result from women’s consistently very high adoption of breast exams with Bexa.

The technology

A breast examination with Bexa is a highly sensitive means of IBC early detection.

It also fully integrates the evaluation of all discovered breast masses using B-mode ultrasound, adding critical data to the evaluation and classification of abnormal breast tissues.

This dramatically reduces an already low need for additional imaging studies.

Who owns Bexa?

Sure, Inc., (“Sure”) is a physician-led company that develops, owns all intellectual property related to, and manufactures the Bexa device.

Sure, operates from bases in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai (UAE), Amman (Jordan) and Bogota (Colombia).

We provide training in the use of the Bexa device and own and operate the SureView system, as well as operating a continuous R&D and AI development activity.

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We’re working hard to continuously advance the sophistication of Bexa and to establish its role in the early detection of breast cancer.

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