Bexa is a unique medical technology and examination process for identifying abnormal breast tissue.

Bexa documents abnormal masses, including breast cancer. The Bexa process documents even small masses and compared to other technologies, produces a low number of false positive findings, minimizing the need for additional appointments and studies. 


The soft Bexa sensor is moved gently over the entire surface of the breast.


A Bexa exam typically requires about 15 minutes.

no radiation

Both elastography and ultrasound do not include radiation and are safe during pregnancy with no side effects.


Bexa is the most accurate technology for the detection of abnormal masses. No other early detection technology or copycat device is as accurate as Bexa.


The results of a Bexa exam are provided to women immediately - at the end of the examination.


Bexa is small, portable, and can be used anywhere.

by women

All Bexa examiners are women.


95% of women receiving a Bexa exam do not require further studies or tests


The early detection guideline that saves the most lives, most reduces suffering and reduces cancer care costs is “every year starting at age 40.” Some populations should start at earlier ages.  Every woman should be able to engage early detection as they reach at risk ages and not be restricted by technologies that poorly serve women under 50.

No woman
left behind

Bexa is for all women. Any woman, any age, who wants an exam, not a reason they can’t exercise their choice. Bexa is accurate in younger women. Women who want to be welcomed, not intimidated.  Women who want female examiners.  Women choosing against pain and radiation. Women who live too far from medical facilities, or who cannot access more expensive technologies. Safe during pregnancy, so no pregnancy test or prescription is needed for an exam with Bexa

Bexa eliminates exclusion.

Bexa is unique

Bexa is the product of 17 years of refinement of the hardware and software components that combine to create the only clinically useful breast elastography imaging device. The engineers, physicians, signal processing, image analysis, artificial intelligence and ultrasound specialists at Sure, Inc., are continuously to driving the Bexa to new levels of simplicity and accuracy.  

Bexa is the original, and the elastography standard, since 2006. Sadly, profiteers attempt to make copycat devices that don’t work nearly as well, stake unfounded claims and claim our research results. If it’s not Bexa, don’t trust it and don’t do it. 

Support Bexa,
empower women

That most women do not get technology-assisted early detection is a well-established fact. Even your interest is a help to us and adding your voice to that of women who want the ability to choose to protect themselves from the most common women’s cancer is critical: it keeps the issue “in play,” and not easily dismissed as has happened so often and for so long. Simply following us and our blog, sharing your interest with others, is a show of support that helps! There is power in numbers.