Now You Can Bring Breast Exams with Bexa™ to Your Workplace

On average, self-insured companies find that fewer than 40% of their eligible female employees receive annual mammograms. No screening results in late-stage cancers, unnecessary pain and suffering, expense, time away from family, and mortality if breast cancer isn’t detected early  

By offering breast exams with Bexa™, either at or near your employees’ workplace, you provide an early detection option with very high participation. Women say they greatly appreciate the convenience, efficiency and peace of mind of getting a breast exam with Bexa™ at work.

It’s quick, easy, accurate, painless, radiation-free and delivers immediate results. Every woman is eligible including younger women who wish to start annual early detection before they turn 40.

We Make it Easy For HR Teams

- Fast, easy implementation
- On-site and near-site options
- Flexible payment plans

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