A breast exam with Bexa™ accurately identifies abnormal breast tissue, even under the arms, in minutes, with no discomfort or radiation.

A breast exam with Bexa™ will document even small masses including breast cancer, by mapping the firmness (elasticity) of tissues in the breast, not density, to uncover all abnormal masses, including breast cancer. The breast exam with Bexa™ Process includes ultrasound of all documented masses and this minimizes unnecessary follow-up studies and appointments.


The soft, handheld Bexa™ sensor is moved gently over the surface of the breast and underarm.


A Bexa™ exam typically requires about 15 minutes.

no radiation

A breast exam with Bexa™, including ultrasound, does not use any radiation and is safe during pregnancy with no side effects.


The results of a Bexa™ exam are provided to women immediately - at the end of the examination.


Bexa™ is small, portable, and can be deployed in convenient, nearby locations

by women

All Bexa™ examiners are women.


96% of women receiving a breast exam with Bexa™ do not require further studies or tests.


End the disparity. Bexa™ examinations are inexpensive and can be made available to every woman.

No woman
left behind

Bexa™ empowers every woman. Women who are left unprotected out of fear, or avoidance. Any woman, any age, who wants an exam, not a reason they can’t exercise their choice. African American women 35 to 39 who are getting breast cancer earlier. Women who live too far from medical facilities, for whom protecting themselves otherwise comes with unmanageable expense and income security. And women who, during Covid, have no access.

Bexa™ eliminates exclusion.

Support Bexa,
empower women

The Bexa™ team at Sure, Inc. is continually advancing the function and application of the Bexa™ device and the Bexa Process. Even your interest is a help to us.  Adding your voice to that of women who want the ability to choose to protect themselves from the most common women’s cancer is critical: it keeps the issue “in play,” and not easily dismissed as happens so often. Simply following us and our blog, sharing your interest with others, is a show of support that helps! There is power in numbers.