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Dr. Richard Mark

DO, Family Medicine - Advisor, Primary Care Integration

Dr. Mark graduated from Michigan State University College of Medicine in 1986. He served as Clinical Faculty in the College of Family Medicine for 25 years and retired from full-time practice in 2021.

As a practicing primary care physician, Dr. Mark built his practice to include four offices with more than 25 medical staff.  Dr. Mark has a distinguished track record as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His achievements include long-term success as a land and housing developer, building a real estate company to more than 20,000 units owned and managed in 186 developments across multiple states and with his family, owning and operating the largest franchise territories of Weight Watchers in the United States with hundreds of offices and 6,000 female staff until selling that interest in 2021.

Dr. Mark has a history of commitment to the mission-driven business, most notably providing funding to middle-market American businesses, originally as a founder of Lendistry, a conventional, mission-based middle-market lending company focused upon the underserved business community.

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